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As a household name in Malaysia’s construction landscape, CIMA takes pride in our ability and extensive experience to customize and meet our customers’ need. Come and discover our wide ranges of project solutions today.

Modern Building

Buildings : Sub-Structure

High Performance Concrete

Superior properties for higher aggressive environments: low shrinkage, low permeability, higher modulus of elasticity, higher strength, faster construction, better constructability

Mass Concreting

Temperature control and

Green Building Index rating

High Strength Concrete

Benefits such as reduction in compression element sizes giving higher usable space; used for offshore structures, columns for tall buildings, long-span bridges

Self-Compacting Concrete

Raft, pile caps and slabs.

Reduce manpower, noise and time of casting

High Durability Concrete

Resistance to chemical attacks including sulphate attack, exposure to seawater, abrasion and higher chloride resistance

Modern Buildings

Building : Super Structure

Waterproofing of Concrete Roof

Heat Resistance Facade for Energy Efficiency

Self-Compacting Concrete

Reduce manpower, noise and time of casting

Self Levelling Screed



Office Building

CIMA Concrete Solutions

Ultra-High-Performance Concrete (UHPC)
Mass Concrete
High Performance Concrete
Pervious or Permeable Concrete
Self-Compacting Concrete
Roller Compacted Concrete (RCC)



We never rest on our laurels when it comes to our customers. We keep on improving our customer service and technical solutions. Mobile Laboratory, where lab services are made available at construction sites is testament of our ability to innovate in meeting customers changing expectations.

Under this initiative, our technical team will be on the ground to assist with issues surrounding concrete quality, optimisation of mix design and cost-saving practices. Additionally, it also allows our customers to reach out to our trained service engineer for technical advice on cement and raw material usage.

CIMA is also offering laboratory testing services on all cement/concrete related samples. We have 2 accredited laboratories with a wide range of testing available to offer. Kindly contact the following for inquiry and quotation:


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